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Hello, I saw Jason after my doctor said I had Diabetes. I was very frustrated because I never planned on that. I didn't want to take medicine. Jason recommended some supplements and told me how to change my diet (even though I pretty much already know what to eat). My sugar levels went to normal after a few weeks and are still there!


Rachel H.



I was tired and getting sick and I didn't know why. This was happening for I guess about 2 years. Jason suggested I see an Endocrinologist (gland & hormone doctor), and sure enough, he found stuff wrong with my thyroid and thymus glands. They said I'd need medication the rest of my life. I saw Jason again, and he had me take a few things and I feel much better and sometimes my numbers are normal when I get re-tested, and the docs don't understand why. I'm so happy, and it just goes to show you there's more to life than conventional medicine. I'm a believer!


Ron S.



I had major immune problems and was getting sick all the time. Jason was able to figure out the cause, and then he put me on a few different supplements along with telling me how to eat, what exercises to do and the right water to drink. I felt better almost instantly and I no longer get sick!


John F.



Hi, I went to Jason for problems with stress and anxiety. Sometimes I could barely leave the house. After 4 hypnosis sessions I actually went on a weekend trip to San Diego by myself! I could NEVER do that before seeing Jason. I can't believe how powerful the mind is!


Brooke C.



I just saw Jason to learn that healing technique he teaches, and I had to write this here to say that after just a few days of using it, I have more energy than I've had in like 20 years. I didn't have anything really wrong with me per se, but I was tired all the time for no reason and sometimes getting nauseous and stomach pain, and that all went away. (Well I guess maybe there was something wrong with me, I just didn't know what it was). Actually, Jason said it was all probably stress related. Anyway, I can't thank you enough!


Rob S.



My husband & I were having problems and I had very little hope. Jason simplified things for us. I had no idea that just by communicating a certain way that things could get SO much better. What happened was literally nothing short of a miracle! I still can't believe it. We can't thank Jason enough for what he did for us.


Marcella G. & Hector Q.



I was severely addicted to meth & coke. Jason really helped me to get over my addiction, not just the substance but all the stuff that was surrounding it. I now have to say I have my life back which I didn't think was possible.


Josh T.



Just wanted to say Jason rocks! I'm literally a rocker and was afraid to perform in from of a bunch of people. With hypnosis Jason helped me get over my fear and now I have no trouble performing. Thanks man!


Tanner B.



Wow! That's all I can say. This healing technique Jason did on me and then showed me how to do has worked more than I could ever have imagined. I didn't really believe in the whole energy healing thing, but Jason explained it in a way I could understand. It has nothing to do with hocus pocus stuff. It's actually very scientific which I didn't know. I was getting sick all the time. My immune cells were always low and then kicking up too high when I got sick. I've been doing this for a month and I no longer get sick. I can't believe it! I could tell how much better I was getting after about the first week. Thanks again Jason!


Mycella G.



My stomach was hurting constantly and I was having pain after I ate. Jason told me it was an imbalance of stomach acid and gallbladder issues. After he had me do a gallbladder cleanse and take apple cider vinegar, everything went away. Amazing! Thanks Jason!


Mike S.



I had tons of sleep problems, anxiety and depression too. Jason told me a few things to take and now I feel much better. I feel like I don't have limits anymore and it's great.


Beth M.



Hey Rocky here. Just wanted to give a shout out to Jason for helping me with my addiction to speed. It's crazy how I can be happy now without it. Thanks dude!


Rocky H.



Why didn't I know about this before? That's exactly what I thought when I saw Jason for this healing thing. I can't believe no one told me about it. But it worked great for my pain in my body. I used to get pain in my back, shoulders, legs, and arms. No longer! I still don't really know exactly how it works, but I don't care, cause it works!


John F.



My name is Paul and am very skeptical of natural stuff because I always believed that doctors were the only way to go. But I saw Jason anyway thinking it couldn't hurt. Not only didn't it hurt, but my pain I had is completely gone and I can walk again without cringing. And I'm an old guy!


Paul R.



I've had a lot of problems in my life, and I saw Jason to hopefully help me with getting over them in a healthy way. It was affecting my mood, my job, and my life in general. After just a few sessions of hypnosis  I felt much better and continued to go for a few more. Now I'm living much better and things don't affect me nearly as much. 


Joan S.



Hello, I saw Jason for weight loss. He helped me lose 50 pounds through hypnosis and learning how to have a better relationship with food. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I don't think I could've ever done it without his services.


George S.



Jas, Jas, Jas. You did it man. My wife & I are back together and enjoying every moment. All ya all HAVE to see Jason if you have any relationship problems. I don't know how the h--l he learned all this stuff about communication and friendship and respect and trust, but I'll tell you this s--t works!


Rob 'The Robster' L. 



My doctor said I had Fibromyalgia and there was nothing they could do except control the symptoms. I wouldn't accept that! So I saw Jason and he figured out that it was an acid problem in my body. He told me to alkalize and to get a certain product called alkazone. It worked! I'm no longer tired or in pain. I can't believe it!


Martha T.



Hi, I had a certain virus that kept popping up and I couldn't get rid of it even with a few doctors trying to help me. I was so frustrated. I saw Jason at my worst. With only 3 products I was a new person in like a month. He had me stop 2 of them at that time and kept me on the other one for another month so it wouldn't come back. It's been over a year now and no sign of it and I've never felt better!


Robert L.



Ok here it goes. Pain (physical & emotional), getting sick all the time. Doctor said I was close to getting lupus (auto-immune disease). Then I saw Jason cause I hate taking medicine of any kind. He showed me this healing technique. I started doing it everyday, and within a week I was feeling way better. Now, after a couple months, I'm completely back to normal. He also has me on one supplement. Just ONE, not 3 or 5 or 10. It's IP-6 and it's awesome! I can't thank Jason enough.


Wendy K.



Hey, I saw Jason cause I was smoking a pack a day for 10 years. I was finally ready to quit cause of health and being tired all the time. After just 6 sessions of hypnosis I was DONE and haven't picked up a cigarette in 5 months. Jason even told me what to take to detox and rebuild my lungs. I feel so much better. This is awesome!


Jack R.



I saw Jason a while back for issues I was having with my family. I didn't know how to handle their constant bickering at me even though I'm an adult. It made my self esteem very low. After seeing Jason for just a few sessions of hypnotherapy I was finally able to just not take in what they were saying personally. I now am living the life I want and know I can be anything I want. Yes!


Josh K.

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